Saturday, June 14, 2008

And we're back (oh, and she's crawling!)

Yes, we made it home safe and sound from the green isle - still pretty jet-lagged and I promise to post pics soon, but in the meantime...
  • Maddie is an excellent flyer. As in Rain Man excellent. I can just hear her saying to people as she's grinning and waving and doing her happy little screech, "I am an excellent flyer". On the way over she made friends with a rugby team (lots of large men cooing over her and passing her around - too adorable for words really). And on the way back she was kidnapped by the air hostess for a bit and taken up to first class to hang out. Yeah, I was jealous too.
  • We visited West Cork and Co. Kerry (doing part of the Ring of Kerry - all on the seaside - gorgeous), we went to the most southerly point of Ireland (Mizen Head - beautiful cliffs), stopped in Killarney to shop, kissed the Blarney stone, visited the Cobh (Cove) Heritage Museum which was the last port of call of the Titanic, did the Cork City bus tour and rang the bells at Shandon Church (we rang Maddie's fave song - You Are My Sunshine), went to a real farm and saw cows, and watched all the latest episodes of Corrie!
  • Maddie charmed absolutely everyone she met. I'm still not sure how my daughter is so amazingly good natured - must take after her dad in that sense! But seriously, I think her head may have grown an inch or two with all the compliments she was getting.
  • We are now in full-on, official teething territory. She's had diaper rash, green poops, rosy cheeks, mild fever, pain, drools (gross, stringy drools) and chin rash. Still no teeth - but it HAS to be soon as this point, right??!?!
  • And the BIGGEST news of all - Maddie is now a crawler! Yep, she started crawling on Tuesday night to Louise (of course, right?). Luckily I got it on video - which I will post soon.
It was a fantastic trip, gorgeous company and scenery, but we're both very happy to be home. I'm in a state of fuzzy-headed tiredness but wasn't able to sleep later than 7:30 this morning (which is really past noon for me with the time change), however Maddie seems to not have that problem. She's currently on her 3rd hour of a morning nap as I type. And lucky me has a besotted daddy to take care of her for the rest of the day while I take a long hot bath and maybe an afternoon nap. Fabulous.

I will post more soon I promise - but for now we're just going to enjoy Father's Day weekend and laze about. Bye for now...


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