Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear Miss Madeleine,

Mommy is one day late writing you this happy birthday letter, but that's because MamaHat is visiting and we've been busy!

You are now 10 months old. I know I say it every time, but wow - where has the time gone? You are a little person now - certainly no baby. Although you still like a snuggle every once in a while, you really do like to just be down exploring the world on your own (well, on your own with Mommy or Daddy within reaching distance).

We had a busy July and spent a lot of time with family - which is a bit bittersweet, as in just about a month, we won't have the luxury of spending all that time with everyone, as Mommy has to go back to work. And that also means that we've been busy trying to enjoy ourselves and visit people in these last few weeks we have 'off'. And enjoy ourselves we have!

You've been in your baby pool a number of times, taken a dip in a 'real' pool, and dipped your toes in a lake twice! You seem to like the water, I just wish we've had warmer (non-rainy) weather lately to get you in the water more. We've got lots of swim diapers to get through before the end of the summer, so let's hope for a sunny forecast for the month of August!

And the biggest milestone... you finally got your teeth!!! Yaaaaayyyy! You now have both bottom teeth and they are growing crazy fast. Kind of ironic that they take forever to finally get here, and then once they are, they come up so incredibly quickly. So now we brush your teeth every night after your bath with a little nubby baby toothbrush. You seem to like it.

Another big milestone (but admittedly, not as big as the first toothers) - we've started to wean away from breastfeeding. You fought me on this initially - actually pretty much for the entire month of July - but I blame that on the teething (haha - those poor teeth, they've been blamed for so much these past 6 months!). But you are starting to take the bottle pretty regularly and that means we've already officially cut out one feeding (the post-morning-nap feed). We're working on the afternoon feeding now, which only leaves us with the morning and nighttime nursing sessions. Not sure when (or if) we'll wean away from those sessions - let's just focus on the daytime feeds for now, okay? You may be taking the transition like a pro, but Mommy is already getting nostalgic about it.

And last but not least - Daddy and I spent our first night away from you this past month, monkey. That's right, you stayed overnight with Grandma Vallier while we spent the evening at Uncle Greg's cottage. We had a good time, worried about how you were doing constantly, and I was very very happy to see you the next morning. Apparently you didn't miss us much at all and behaved yourself quite well. Of course you did!

What else to say? You're pulling up on everything and everyone these days and walking around using the furniture as support. I suspect you'll be trying your first steps in these next couple of months, as you're already trying to 'stand' on your own (you let go of the couch for a second or two, just to see how you can balance - it's cute and not just a little bit scary!). You also really get around quickly these days. Our lives have been invaded by baby gates, and even with all those, you still manage to get to places you shouldn't be, fall or stumble into, over, onto things you shouldn't. But you're a tough cookie and seem to be getting used to the rough and tumble.

This coming month will be a fun one, as I'm determined to enjoy every minute of it with you. I don't think I'll ever get bored just spending time with you and watching you play. You are a funny little monkey, Mommy's little buh-buh-bubbas, Daddy's little sugar-pop-muffin-tart. Love you gorgeous girl...


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