Friday, August 15, 2008

Maddie bits

  • After bragging about Miss Thing sleeping through the night, we had another sleepless night - but then followed that up with a *real* full-night of straight sleeping. That's right - Wed night Seth and I decided to take advantage of my mom up visiting (read: babysitting) and we left right after Maddie's bath to see a movie (Dark Knight - so good - see it). Mom had to deal with her crying a bit, but after only 10 mins she was out like a light. And stayed out until I finally went in to check on her at 7:15am the next day. You read right, dear readers, she actually slept all the way through! Bliss. Too bad it didn't happen last night. And I don't have much hope for tonight. Maybe it's just the magic Grandma touch...
  • As I mentioned, my mom was visiting for the week, as of last Saturday - which meant I got to get a lot done around the house. My main project was getting her advice on pruning, and finally getting my gardens under control. It went quickly when we finally got it started - on the only day of non-rain this week (tuesday). What is with this weather this summer by the way? Bananas.
  • Aside from household chores, we also did a lot of shopping with Grandma. Hit up our fave store, Once Upon a Child, and picked up a tonne of fall clothes for Maddie. Between that and what she already had - I'd say her wardrobe is complete.
  • She also got a new fall jacket from Grandma (and matching rain boots - too cute - seriously) at a new store we discovered, Please Mum (which I also just discovered, you can shop at online - very cool). It's a Vancouver-based Canadian store and had a better selection of fall merchandise than Baby Gap, so they got our business. I will definitely be revisiting that store as soon as I get back to work and start making $.
  • Between finally getting the bookshelf delivered that I ordered months ago (from a US-based online store), and getting the toybox from Ikea this week, I can finally say (after only a year from starting it) that Maddie's room is finally *done*. I will post pics soon - it finally looks organized and I'm really happy with how it looks now.
  • Lastly - Maddie has gotten super-vocal lately. A lot of "DA" being shouted at us. As in, pointing at things and saying "DA". Wanting you to stop feeding her and saying "DA". Playing with her toys and just shouting "DA" at no one/nothing in particular. I'd love to know what's going on in that little mind of hers. I have a feeling when she finally figures out the art of language, we're never going to hear the end of it...


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