Monday, September 8, 2008

Another milestone

Well the weekend was a bit crap as I was sick the entire time (still sick today - whatever this virus was - it was a doozy!), but Maddie definitely seems to be over it, which is nice.

As for the milestone - we cut her bangs last night.  I was trying to hold off on cutting her hair until she was at least a year old (I had heard that it was bad luck to cut a baby's hair before a year - whatever) ... but her hair was so long it was constantly getting in her eyes and was clearly bothering her.  So now she has straight little bangs across her forehead.  So sweet!

Maddie didn't do her 1/2 day at daycare today as the daycare lady's daughter is sick (yup - she's been once and already infected kids - nice one).  So we took a pass on today and will be doing her half days on Thurs + Fri of this week.

Seth has today and tomorrow off work - so hopefully we'll do something fun.  I think it's nice enough for the park today - I'll see if I can convince him...



debbie said...

We need a pic of first hair cut

Vone said...

I cut Lilo's bangs before a year - no bad luck here, just pretty long hair :)