Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend update

We left for Kingston on Tuesday afternoon and spent the rest of the week there, visiting some family and friends, doing some shopping and laying low as much as possible. I love going home to Kingston with Maddie, but it does get tiring as I feel like we're constantly running around from place to place. So we didn't do nearly as much running around as we usually do - and still it was an exhausting week...

Wednesday we headed to the States for some shopping at Target with Grandma Vallier. We stopped in at a Friendly's to grab lunch on our way, and Maddie had her first 'off the menu' meal. Grilled cheese, mashed potatoes and brocolli. That was the absolute healthiest option on the children's menu ... and that was after our waitress suggested a hotdog + fries (ummm, she's 10 months old - I don't think so...), and then asked if we wanted gravy on the mashed potatoes. I literally laughed out loud at that suggestion. Again, she's 10 MONTHS OLD. Gravy Really

After our healthy meal (including a desert of vanilla ice cream) we headed on to Target where weshoppedshoppedshopped. I do love that store. I do wish they would come to Canada. Or at least let Canadians order from their website.

Friday saw us doing some more shopping with Grandma Thompson this time (Mama Hat!) - at a new children's store in Kingston - Bonnie Togs. GREAT store. Lots of Osh Kosh and Carters stuff - so Maddie got some more fall clothes and some cute pumpkin pajamas. And later that day, when Seth finally got to Kingston, I took a much needed nap!

Saturday morning saw us heading to Frankford for my family reunion. It was great to see a lot of family that I hadn't seen in many years - some since my wedding, some since before that even. I wish we got together as a family more often, but it's hard as we seem to be scattered across Ontario.

Sunday we had some friends over in the afternoon for a bbq - lots of kids running around and good friends chatting - it was fun and went late into the evening. Monday was spent doing a lot of nothing - we watched a movie and relaxed at home.

So that was our week. Now September is here and the countdown is on for my return to work - October 1st officially. The next couple of weeks are already booked with plans and I expect the month will go by very fast.


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