Monday, August 25, 2008

Her room

I mentioned in a previous post that I had finally finished her room. Here's a few pics...

I had to order the bookshelf from an online retailer in the States as I could not find one that matches her furniture (that was more suited for a child's room - i.e. rounded edges, not 6 feet tall). It's a KidKraft bookshelf, was a bitch to put together, but looks fabulous now. And as you can see, Maddie likes it!

In the background, in her closet, you can see the toy box we got her from Ikea - love the sliding out bins for her toys. Although they're already pretty full, so I think we need to stop buying toys - um, yeah. I know we need to stop buying toys.

And lastly - love the cylindrical stuffed animal holder! Another score from Ikea - although it holds less stuffed animals than you think when you see it in the store - partly because the holes are small, and partly because stuffing it full of stuffed animals makes it very heavy. So much so that my ceiling hook was creaking. So I lightened the load. Maddie points to it a lot, so I bring down a few 'friends' for her to play with each time - but also show her how to 'put toys away' when we're done in her room.

And this pic is just a side-bar ... these letters above her crib aren't actually new - I finished them a few months ago - but I just wanted to show them off!

We're headed to Kingston tomorrow afternoon for the remainder of the week. Have another family reunion to attend on Saturday, then we're hosting some friends over for a bbq on Sunday. It's going to be a whirlwind week for us - but then that's it. No more travel until ... Christmas? Who knows - but definitely not for a while.


PS - uploaded new vids to YouTube - take a look. There's Maddie dancing, playing, walking (with assistance!), and in a bit of a compromising situation.

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