Sunday, August 24, 2008

Musical genius?

It's no secret that Miss Maddie loves her music.

A just 3 months old she managed to let us know that she loved Bob. She (still) laughs at her crazy Mommy when I dance and sing along to Madonna while folding laundry. And we practically wore out the Feist CD from listening to it so much in her early jumping days.

Now that she can get around she's much more interested in creating music. By playing one of her many baby piano toys. Or pressing the buttons on her Sesame Street guitar and saxophone. Or making Farmer Tad play the banjo. Or playing her music box in her crib. Or on her activity table. Or making Elmo sing. Or her Glow Worm play music. Or, or, or...

But the best part of all, dear readers? She's learned that it's far more interesting if more than one of these toys can play at a time. As in, she sits and hits the buttons on one. Then the other. Then the first one. Go get a third toy that makes noise. Hit that button. Go back to the first one, hit that button. And on. And on. Andonandonandonandonandon.

So our house is now a constant jam-boree of various singing, dancing, music-playing toys.

I think we'll be getting this kid piano lessons. Or something...


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