Saturday, August 23, 2008

Her poor bumbum

Maddie has a diaper rash. Not shocking news in itself. Babies get rashes. I know this.

But she really doesn't get that rashy usually. And this one hurts. It makes her cry when I change her and have to wipe her little bits. She looked at me with shocked, hurt eyes when I had to wash 'down there' in her bath tonight.

I keep lathering her up with Penaten. Have given her some 'open air' time the past few evenings. But it doesn't seem to get that much better.

I'm hoping that it's a teething symptom (she has been gnawing on stuff rather frantically again). Is it possible that she could be teething again?

In the end, it doesn't matter why it's happening. I just want the rawness to go away and for my munchkin to be happy again.

Hope you're all having a good weekend - we have so far. Except for bad sleeping (again - teething? I don't know...), we spent the day at a friend's pool and out in the fresh air. Tomorrow will be visiting more friends and chilling out at home. I love the 'end of summer' weekends.



Freckles said...

Diaper rashes are awful. Liam developed one just before our vacation and nothing helped it -- and on top of that, it triggered an eczema outbreak too, so he was red from the bottom of his tummy all the way around to the top of his backside. Pretty much every where the diaper touched. We tried Zincofax, Vaseline, Penaten, and over-the-counter cortizone cream, and it wouldn't go away. Finally, I switched from Pampers to Huggies. And boom! No more rash.

I mentioned it to my doctor, and she said that Pampers are *so* absorbent that sometimes they dry out the skin. Not sure what brand you're using, but if nothing else works, you may want to try switching diapers for a few days to see what happens.

Good luck! :)

The Valliers said...

Interesting. We are a Pampers household - because she seemed to get no rash from the Swaddlers and when we tried Huggies (way way back when), she got a rash. I think I still have some Huggies samples - I should try them again and see if it helps.