Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Maddie Moment

I love how Maddie is showing us more and more about herself each day.

Just now, I was sitting in the kitchen, enjoying my morning tea and checking emails, while Maddie crawled around opening cupboard doors and ripping her bibs down from the dishwasher.

Then the song "I kissed a girl" came on the radio, and I hear Maddie make a little grunt, then slap-crawl (that's the fast crawl!) over to the side of the kitchen where the radio is.

She pulls up on the cupboard doors and, while reaching up towards the radio, starts 'dancing' (that's bouncing up and down on her legs).

I took the hint.

I walk over to the radio, turn up the volume and take a little dance break.

At least she's got good taste - it's a good song!


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