Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She hasn't made it easy

Today Maddie and I went to Little Feet (remember I told you about this magical baby play place?) and luckily for us there were several crawling babies around her age there for her to play with.

So while the tots crawled around the moms sat and chatted. About babies (of course!). And sleep habits (of course!). And weaning from breastfeeding to bottle (of course!).

And you know what I learned? She really has put us through more sh!t than most moms (seem to) have gone through. Especially re: the whole bottle drama. Honestly. I know it seems like I'm just complaining - but most moms have had an easier time with those things than we have. Not that I'm blaming Miss Maddie - I'm sure it's mostly my fault for doing stuff wrong. But she could give us a break on something, right?

Anyways.... so now we have gotten her taking a bottle - in fact she only gets bottles during the day - we're down to just breastfeeding in morning and night now.

And the newest little wrinkle in this development?

She'll only take 2 ounces at a time. So I feel like I'm constantly heating up bottles, offering milk in sippy cups etc. all day long to make sure she gets enough.

Maybe I liked it better when I didn't have any idea how much she was eating.

So the point to this whiny post? Any suggestions from moms out there on how to get her to take more at once in a bottle? Aside from starving her for several hours (because I've tried that)...


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