Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I heart Little Feet

Yesterday Maddie and I met up with the Babyville girls at Little Feet. It's kinda like a Gymboree (I think, having never been to a Gymboree, I don't really know for sure).

As I explained to Seth last night, it's like baby heaven. There's a big open room just packed with different types of exersaucers, bouncers, big bouncy balls and moveable mats that come in all shapes and sizes - like stairs, slides, little houses to crawl through etc etc etc.

Maddie spent the afternoon just crawling, pulling up, standing, climbing, playing. In a nutshell, yeah, I think she liked it. It will definitely be our place to go on those really hot or rainy days I guess - at least until I have to (sniff sniff) go back to work.

It was so funny to watch her interact with the other kids there. She LOVES little kids. Large, small, younger, older - she doesn't care. She just wants to be where the kids are, doing what they are doing. And if they'll let her - kiss them all day long!

Yes, my daughter is quite free with her kisses to other kids. Mommy has to beg for a kiss, but random babies with drool and snot all over their face? Yeah, they get more kisses than they could ever want. In fact, I had to pull Maddie off one baby yesterday because she was making the little girl howl from her over-zealous-kissiness.

Cute, but also a little strange (in an adorable, funny, kids-do-the-darndest-things kinda way).

And last but not least, I'm happy to report that last night she was only up ONCE. That's right. ONCE. I know it's probably a culmination of a week of not sleeping due to teething and then one really tiring day - but I don't care. We all got 7 solid hours of non-stop sleeping last night (as the once that she woke up was midnight - to nurse and then out until 7:30 this morning).

Hopefully this is the beginning of a (much-needed, much-wanted) sleep trend. And hopefully I didn't just jinx it...


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