Monday, July 21, 2008

So much news!

The weekend before last we spent in Kingston, attending the Vallier family reunion. We didn't drive down until Saturday morning, and after a few attempts, finally made it to the right location! It was ridiculously hot and muggy that day, so Maddie only lasted a couple of hours before she was begging to be taken home and put to bed.

Here's a pic of Seth and his cousins and his nanny:

Last week was a busy one - on Monday Maddie and I headed to Vone's house for a playdate with her little ones (Isla and Lilo) and Deb, Austin and Alex. We were there for the latter half of the morning into early afternoon and the kids played played played. It's so funny to see Maddie interacting with kids - she's so interested in other children. Not necessarily babies, but little kids that are older than her - she LOVES them. So Maddie spent the playdate crawling around the backyard chasing after Lilo and Austin, trying to play with them and with the ball getting tossed around. It was cute and very exhausting for her. She fell asleep within minutes of being strapped into the car seat and I was, for once (miraculously), able to get her out of the carseat and into her crib without waking her up. She ended up sleeping for 3 hours that afternoon!

Tuesday we spent at the zoo with the Babyville group. I'd say we're getting good use out of our zoo membership - at least we've officially gotten our 'money's worth' by this point. Maddie doesn't really notice/see the animals through the cages, but she loves the watching the people. I think as long as she's getting pushed in a stroller and is outside, she is a happy camper.

Seth was on the road for work the rest of the week - which was sad and tough - it's hard to be a single parent, even just for a few days! Liz came over on Wed night for a visit - we ordered take out steak salads from Shoeless Joes and she enjoyed a visit with Maddie. Thurs was spent running errands and Friday was spent getting stuff done around the house. We now officially have all our paint touch ups done, and most of the pictures/wall hangings hung. Wow, we've only been here for a year, and it's starting to look like a decorated house. Imagine that...

This past weekend Seth and I took it easy - getting things done around the house, watching a few movies and spending time together/with Maddie. She showed off her new standing abilities to him all weekend. In fact, if she had the option, she would spend all day climbing on her Daddy!

And our biggest piece of news - last night while getting her ready for her bath, I felt inside her mouth and felt a hard little pointy ridge poking through! Miss Madeleine has finally cut her first tooth!!! That explains the nightmare sleeping habits since Wednesday - she was way worse than usual and very cuddly during the days. I was thinking it had to do with teething, but since I had thought it so many times before I was still doubting myself. But apparently my gut instinct was right - and so she is now officially no longer a little gummy bear. It's her bottom left tooth, and she spent all day rubbing it with her tongue.

So now that it's here, does that mean we're going to get a bit of sleep? Even if it's just one night?


PS - have updated our Flickr page with pics from June and July - take a look here.

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