Thursday, September 25, 2008

WOW! Her first steps!

So we were sitting in our bedroom, hanging out with Maddie just before getting her in the bath, and Seth was trying to teach her how to get down from the step in our room (as she often just crawls over it and falls flat on her face).

Instead, she decides to grace us with her first steps!  So I quickly run to get the camcorder and manage to capture her 2nd set of steps on film...

Don't mind the nekkid-ness - she has a bad bum rash and we've been leaving her dipe off as much as possible to try and air it out.

What a big girl, huh?  I honestly didn't think she was going to actually take her first steps before her first birthday, as she had shown very little interest in even standing on her own (even though she was cruising around with her walker like crazy).  

I guess she decided to prove me wrong.

I don't expect that will be the last time that happens...



Deb said...

very cool. way to go Maddie!!!

Vone said...

That's awesome - so cool that you got to see it before you go back to work.
She's such a big girl now.

debbie vallier said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait to my little angel walking I have watch this at least 10 times now what a big girl!!!!!
love grama