Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bang-tastic! Or bang-butchery...

I have followed in the age-old rite of passage for all moms. Butchering their child's hair in an effort to "trim her bangs".

Something I always promised myself I would never do.


I guess Maddie can just add that to the list of disappointments when she's 14 and telling me all the reasons I am a terrible, horrible, mother.

On the positive side of things - she now looks like an extra in the Lil Rascals with her toothless grin and scraggly hair. Undeniably cute!



debbie v said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

Vone said...

It's not that bad - I've done way worse :)
Good thing about kids is that they look cute even with uneven bangs.

Carly said...

I don't think they look that bad!

A trick I learned from a hair dresser is to wet them, twist them together into a rope, then trim the bottom. This will give them a layered yet uniform look.

Maybe for next time ;)