Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy birthday to meeeeeee

Birthday pluses:
  • I got to sleep in until 9:30 - ah deliciousness! Oh - and that's on top of a 4-th consecutive sleep-thru-the-night night for Maddie. Woo-double-hoo
  • Got my annual Swarvoski ornament and a pair of slippers. Oh and some scratch cards - that I even won a couple of bucks on!
  • About to go have a luxurious bubble bath and then head out for a mani/pedi (my bday treat to myself).
Birthday minuses:
  • Maddie is in devil-child-state today. Currently napping (FAR earlier than she usually goes down - like 2 hrs earlier than she should be sleeping) because the calamity of being awake was JUST. TOO. MUCH. And we have a kids bday party scheduled for later today - goodlordhelpusall...
  • xxoo.S

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debbie vallier said...

I miss my devil child granddaughter
love grama