Friday, January 2, 2009


Our miss muffet has started to say more words. If only we could actually figure out what those words meant.
  • She definitely says "juice" (juuush) - and if she wants it really badly she actually says it more clearly.
  • She says "orange" (ainch) while we're peeling the orange segments for her after dinner.
  • "HI!!!" is a new favourite, accompanied by drastic hand waving. Oh, and "HI!!!" also means bye. Whatever...
  • We've been getting a lot of "yes" (YESHHH) to everything. Hey, better than no, right?
  • "Daddy" used to be "dada", but is now just DA! As in, DA! What're you doing? DA! Give me some juuuush!
  • "Mommy" is getting better - a bit more "mama" than just "mem" nowadays.
  • And her new favourite word as of yesterday is "MOO". What is "MOO"? We're not really sure. Thought it could be "more", and that it could mean the character Lunette, on her new favourite show, Big Comfy Couch. But honestly, I think she said "MOO" to me tonight. I may still be carrying extra weight kid, but I'm not a cow. Jeesh...

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