Friday, February 6, 2009

A full week at a new daycare - and no complaints...

...yet.  Maddie's really settling in.  In fact, seems even more comfortable than she ever did when I dropped her at daycare.  It might have something to do with the number of kids that are there when I drop her off (hello distraction!).  Or maybe it's just a part of getting older, she is taking it a bit more in stride.  Or maybe it's just a better fit with this new provider, personality-wise, for Maddie.  Who knows.... And I hope I'm not jinxing anything, but it seems like it's working out well.

Except for the food.  That part I'm not loving.  Yesterday's lunch was grilled cheese (marginally better than the past lunch choices, this I actually do feed Maddie fairly regularly - although with "real" cheese, as I'm not a big cheese slice fan - and yum, have you ever had a grilled cheese made with extra old cheddar?).

But how do I bring it up?  And do I bring it up now?  Or do I wait a few more weeks?  Maybe this was just an "off" week?  Her website listed menus that focussed on healthy, nutritious meals that included veggies.  

I think I'll just hold off for now.  Maybe it was just an off week.  I'm hoping that's it.  

And yes, I realize how neurotically obsessed I sound....


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Carly said...

I don't think you sound obsessed. There's nothing wrong with being concerned about what your child is eating when it's not you feeding/cooking.

I'd give it a few more days, but definitely bring it up if it continues -- especially if she advertised healthy, nutritious meals.

Nachos, fish sticks, hot dogs -- all sodium-laden, nitrate-filled, processed etc. Fine for now and then, but every day in a week would be bugging me, too.

And I'd be worried my kids would start to expect such food at home, too.

Great to hear Maddie is adjusting so well, though!