Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Things I have done today:
  • Called Rogers and revamped our services, and finangled about a thousand different discounts that will total over $100 savings each month from current bill (hey - all you have to do is ask, ummmm, and bitch a little...)
  • Confirmed my new BB is being shipped by UPS tomorrow
  • Called Revenue Canada and confirmed we actually aren't due to start repaying our HBP until 2010!!! Woo-HOO
  • Emailed previous daycare provider about tax receipt errors and getting 2009 tax receipt before she goes and has baby and forgets we ever existed
  • Emptied dishwasher
  • Cleaned fridge
  • Trolled Facebook for friends' updates
  • Made grocery list
  • Read numerous other blogs
  • Spoke to my mom - Congrats again on the early retirement package, Mom!
  • Uploaded pics on camera to our Flickr account
  • Updated finances and pre-paid numerous bills (I love to set up the bills to be paid on specific dates automatically through online banking - does this make me a total nerd or does everyone do this?)
  • Updated baby shower RSVP list
  • Other random work things - seriously, I've been productive
Things I have not done today:
  • Started to create the MASSIVELY IMPORTANT work presentation I am making on Friday. As in THIS Friday. Friday the 19th. 2 days from now (well, a day and a half).

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