Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheap cheap cheap!

In honour of all the cute, fuzzy, yellow chicks I've been seeing lately in the Easter-riffic advertising, I thought today's blog post should be dedicated to my secret persona.

I'm a cheap-ass-ho-motha@#(*$&!

Classy, right?  

To give you a bit of a background - one of my mom's favourite sayings while I was growing up was, "You have champagne tastes and a beer pocketbook."  I grew up with lots of hand-me-down clothes.  It wasn't strange to me that our house was filled with used furniture.  And we ate leftovers better than any family I've ever heard of.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't in love with the idea of hand-me-down clothes by the time I hit my pre-teens, but I can totally appreciate the concept now.  Kids grow, right?  Like, fast and stuff.  Which is why I continue to pledge my allegiance to the local Once Upon a Child - they rock my world and keep my kid un-nekkid.

And to be honest, as I was growing up, I don't remember even noticing that our furniture wasn't all-brand-new-all-the-time!  Or is this just a new phenomena in our materialistic-driven society?  

Regardless, I have really fond memories of working with my mom on refinishing lots of pieces of furniture.  Old dressers and end tables that we got gifted by friends or family members.  Using (what I'm sure was highly-toxic) paint remover and sanding and staining and varnishing.  It doesn't take talent, just an eye for detail and some elbow grease.  

I still have a few dressers in my house that are older than my grandmother, and that I can look at and remember finishing when I was like 11 years old.  (Whoa Mom, slave labour!)  One of these is actually ear-marked to be going through some more refinishing this summer, as part of the "spare bedroom overhaul" project that's residing in the back of my mind.

And leftovers?  Don't even get me started on this.  I don't mind leftovers.  In fact (even more so nowadays), I APPRECIATE leftovers.  Lots of things taste yummier after a few days in the fridge (chili - I 'm looking at you, here).  And the time-savings of eating already prepared food for dinner?  I'm like, in awe of appreciation when I can pull that kind of rabbit out of the hat.

But the hubby and several good friends often look at me sideways, like I'm a freaky depression-era reincarnation, when I mention the coolness of leftovers.  Wasters...

So what's the point of this rant?  Well, I was telling someone recently about my latest blog discovery, The Thrifty Chicks,  that I am currently obsessed with.  And this "someone" responded with, "Wow, you're a real Couponer now, aren't you?".  

First of all, I had to explain that reading about (or buying from) thrift stores has nothing to do with couponing.  And secondly, what the hell is wrong with coupons?

Apparently by Couponer, she meant that I go and on about deals here, and savings there, and you do this for that $, and garage sales and etc etc etc.  So it's a blanket concept.  You can be cheap and price match, or price compare or shop only sales - and you're labelled as a "Couponer".  Doesn't mean that you're obsessed only with coupons.  

Perhaps the politically incorrect term would be cheapskate?  Tightwad?


I don't blame the economy, I think I've always been down with gooooood deals.  And if a struggling economy means stores are pushing sales and coupons, or it means lots of people are looking for extra $$$ and selling stuff (check out for kids outdoor toys - WHY would you buy full price when you've got these options?) - well don't we all benefit?

And maybe it's because I am now a "Couponer", but there seems to be a huge resurgence towards old becoming new again.  I feel no shame in telling people about the great deals I got on things, that are in fact, second-hand.  Maybe you're a "Couponer" when you show pride in your frugality?

As I said.  Whadeva.  I am a Couponer.  Hear me roar (and $$$$ave)!



Vone said...

I hear ya - I'm right there with ya :)
I am totally cheap and always will be.

Deb said...

I second that. I hate paying full price for just about everything and am always super excited when I get something awesome for super cheap.