Monday, April 6, 2009


Another first for Maddie, but not a fun one.  Her first ear infection.

I guess it's kind of amazing that she's made it to 18 months without getting one yet - seems like everyone I know has gone through this at much a younger age.

Apparently her ears are only a bit red (although she SCREAMED when the doctor put the flashlight thingy in there), so the infection isn't severe.  But she's on antibiotics.  

So there you go.  We have our diagnosis and our medication.  I'm just praying for a good sleep for her tonight.



Carly said...

Glad you at least know what's going on now. Poor Maddie. Let's hope those little antibiotics do the trick!

Lucy is three and has never had an ear infection, thankfully. But she, too, hates that damn ear poker thinger...

The Valliers said...

Wow, 3 years - you're lucky!

She at least slept thru last night, so I'm guessing the antibiotics are doing something...