Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello growth spurt

I'm still kind of flabbergasted at how quickly these little monkeys can grow.  Do they do it in their sleep?  How can we not notice until one day they are 2 inches taller?  Lackadaisical parenting perhaps?

Anyways - Maddie has been eating us out of house and home lately.  I mean, we literally, could not fill this child up.  We would just finally stop offering food when her belly would get so big and hard that you couldn't imagine another bite fitting in there.

And this morning?  She no longer fits half her pants.  Great news for my friend, who has a 1-year-old that we frequently lend out Maddie's clothes too.  She's got a big bin with her name on it now.  

But the weirdo thing?  The 18-24 month stuff is still super large.  Is there a secret in between size that I don't know about?  Or should do I just roll up the bottoms of the larger pants and deal with it?  Whatever, not a big deal...

The extra fun part that we're dealing with now is the LACK of appetite that Miss Thing. As in, she WILL NOT EAT. (Disclaimer: unless it's cherry tomatoes or strawberries - perhaps it's just all things red?)

All I can think to myself, is cool.  I was totally looking forward to the picky eating stage.  Awesome.



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Vone said...

Roll the pants. Isla grew out of her 12 month pants and the 18 m are too long. The turned up cuff is all the rage in kids :)