Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It must be frustrating

To be a toddler.  There's so much going on in their brains.  They understand a tonne, but can't verbalize it.

I reasoned with Maddie tonight.  I told her she had to finish her lasagne in order to get any more tomatoes (she would eat nothing but cherry tomatoes if we let her - don't worry, I realize it could be a lot worse).  We counted down the forkfulls together.  She got it, you know?

So if she can really understand that much, how frustrating must it be to not be able to make others understand you all the time.  And I can tell Maddie has so much to say.  In happy times, she's babbling away (NONstop - like seriously, we are so in trouble when she can speak).  In sad times and she's upset about something and can't get me to understand why.  Or in mad times.  To be honest, I usually know what she's mad about - but I'm sure it's frustrating to her when she's mad and wants to yell more directly at me.

So there I was, sitting there at the dinner table, kind of marvelling at it all.  Imagine the patience it must take.  It's kind of like someone coming to Canada that doesn't speak English.  You have to admire the patience it takes to keep trying, getting words wrong, having people shaking their heads at you, not understanding what you're saying, and you just keep at it.

Sorry for the ramble.  But kinda cool.  When you think about it.


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debbie said...

Very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!