Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring cleaning

Sidenote: I have this sneaking suspicion that I've already used this as a post title before, and while it shouldn't, it's irking me to the core. But it's the end of a very long, long-weekend, and I don't have the energy to search my archives. So if my suspicion is correct, then, I'm sorry. I am clearly not as original as I fancy myself to be....

I just spent two hours this afternoon unpacking summer clothes and packing up winter clothes. Does anyone do this anymore, or have I been brainwashed by my mother and am participating in some ancient practice that is almost as de-vogue as monitoring your white-wearing to after Victoria Day and before Labour Day?

Interesting tidbits:
  • I own twice the number of winter clothes as I do summer clothes. Yay to Canada.
  • I own a HELLOFALOT of tweed dress pants. Was there a special on tweed a few years ago, back when I actually fit into said dress pants?
  • While my winter clothing may outnumber my summer attire, my shoe collection is quite the opposite. And damn, I think in my haze of child-rearing last year, I forgot the number one important thing about summer - which is, summer sandals. Lovely, strappy, summer sandals.
  • I packed 6 more tops into my "maternity clothes" bin. I think that means I have given up on myself just a little bit less? Perhaps I haven't actually lost any more weight, but I refuse to hide behind the tent shirts anymore...
  • Two (TWO!) garbage bags filled with Goodwill donations. Dudes... I do NOT understand how I manage to give away (what feels like) half my wardrobe every six months and still not have enough closet space. And bye-bye Senor Frogs belly-baring halter top. I may not have given up on myself, but I have accepted the fact that it would not be acceptable to wear you again. 
So yes, I am now fully prepared for summer. And dying to wear my flippy summer skirts with my strappy summer sandals. And swing my garishly bright small summer purses, and la-la-la I'm a Coppertone commercial...

I really will post about our weekend soon. I'm sure you're all dying to hear about my gardening, golf and garage exploits. G-G-G-great!


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