Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacay over

Don't you hate that melancholy feeling that you get when vacation is over? I took the last 3 days of the week off and spent it with my mom and Miss Maddie, and while it was relaxing, invigorating, productive and all that fun-stuff, like any vacay, it was far too short. 

Only 3 days I know. That's what makes it kinda funny to me. That I could get so sad about such a short vacay being over.

And doing the drop off to daycare was a bit heartbreaking. Not that she made a fuss, but Maddie was definitely feeling a little melancholy about returning to the routine as well. 

I don't feel guilty, I know she'll have a fun day. But I know exactly how she was feeling. We were both feeling it. We'd rather be home, with each other, right now...

Aaaaannnnndddddd...... back to work...


PS - update post from the week off to come soon, just needed to get that out of my system first.

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