Monday, June 1, 2009

Random babysitters

Okay, here's the situation... We live in a town where we don't really know many people. Actually, in all honesty, aside from Couple BFF (who also moved up to the boondocks around the same time we did), my circle of friends consists of the women I met at Babyville last year.

I know most teenage babysitters are found via referrals from friends. You know, the elusive roster of casual sitters that you can rely on for weekend afternoons (or evenings!). Who took the "babysitting class" (do they even do this anymore??). Who's the niece of a neighbour's friend's sister, but can be totally trusted.

Yeah, I don't even really have access to these kids... So my next best bet, I've realized, is probably getting the list from the school, from which we oh-so-conveniently live across the road. It may not be a personal referral, but at least it feels a bit more trustworthy than that post on Kijiji, you know?

So here's my question. When I do get that list, and start calling. What's the Modus operandi? What do I say? Do? 

Is it normal to do an initial "interview" of sorts? A "getting to know one-another" session with Maddie present, see how it goes?  Then maybe do a short afternoon out, see how things go?

I'm quite aware of how paranoid and um, crazy, I sound... but I didn't do a whole lot of babysitting as a kid. And everyone I know already knew their babysitter, or uses family members... 


PS - how 'bout that AWESOME weekend weather?  Pretty lame, huh?  Hi Canada.  This is Sara.  I'd like it to be summer now please.  You don't have to stay cold all the way through June to convince me that you are the great white monster that can unleash hell on earth in the form of arctic gale winds.  I believe you, really, I do...

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Deb said...

Although we lucked out with having a friend as a teacher at a nearby high school to supply us with babysitters (well one so far anyway), we still did an initial 'interview'. We had her come over one evening after dinner and just chatted with her while Austin was there. She stayed about half an hour or so. This way we could get a read on whether we liked her and we could see how Austin acted around her (and how she acted around him)
The next time she came over was to babysit while we were out for the evening. We didn't do an afternoon trial run or anything.