Friday, June 5, 2009

Starting a new tradition?

Do you ever get that feeling?  When you are making plans and think, huh, I wonder if this will become a family tradition?

Or maybe I just think too much...

So this weekend is the annual Brooklin Spring Fair.  Last year at this time, Maddie and I flew to Ireland for a week with BFF.  And while that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and more than well-enjoyed, we were a little bittersweet about missing our first spring fair experience.

But this year we're doing it up in style.  Friends have been invited.  Plans have been made.  A bbq is in the cards.  Enjoying the midway and whatever the heck else we can do up there, then come back here and watch the kids run themselves around into unconsciousness, and then the adults get to have a little fun.  And by fun, I mean cocktails and a fire (or Rockband - you never know).

Woo to the hoo.

I've lots more to tell you guys about (like window painting tips and how to move a lawn spike for your clothesline) ... but I also have a shedload of work to finish up today - so hopefully I have energy to post over the weekend.  Until then... tra-la!


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Carly said... was it?

Growing up here, we ALWAYS went to the fall fair. Once you were in high school, you were a capital L loser if you didn't go and "be seen."

Since we've moved back, we've taken Lucy each year, and will take both of them this September. Definitely a tradition!