Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've posted about Maddie's obsession with juice. I've been critiqued and judged and supportingly advised on how to cut out her juice habit...

And then I introduced popsicles.

Popsicles (or freezies, or even plain ol' crushed ice for that matter) apparently KICK juice's ass.

Juice is all like, "Wha? Wha happened? I'm delicious, I'm nutricious. And I'm chockful of sugar!"

Popsicles are all like, "Dude, we see your sugar, we raise you a colour dye #6, and we're frozen and delicious, so suck it."

And because I'm the smartest laziest coolest mom in the world, I decided to combine her two loves. Because nothings better to get you off your habit than an enabler right?

I bought these rubbermaid popsicle do-it-yourself dohickeys a while ago and finally put them to good use this past weekend.

I made: Apple. Juice. Popsicles.

I thought Maddie's head was going to pop off with excitement after the first taste. Her eyes kind of bugged out and looked at me with appreciation that made me feel all special and gooey inside. And I was like, Dude. I know. It's like when I tried a margarita for the first time.

And now she wakes up in the morning asking for "freeze? freeze?"


And so.... I get it. We make our own monsters in life, right?

Me all smiley for the camera.
Maddie's just like, "Leave me alone and let me enjoy my freeze."


BFF said...

Too funny:-)

Melissa said...

I laughed out loud!

Deb said...

Love it! :-)

C-FoBlingBling said...

HAhahaha, too funny. Love the pic, too!