Friday, August 7, 2009

Highlights of my "Single Parent Week"

Edited to add:
While I was being facetious, none of my complaining about being a "single parent" this week was meant to make light of "real" single parents out there. Holy crap I can't even imagine. My mom raised me on her own for my first 2 years, and so I know (well, I've HEARD) just how hard it is. My week was nothing. I get it. But it's all relative, non? And what is hard for me could be a cakewalk for some of you. Just wanted to put that disclaimer out there. Carry on...

The higlights:
  • We ate things that I don't usually buy b/c of the Hubs. Like vegetable lasagne. A lot of fish. Veggie/pesto/pasta. Um - that makes him sound like a big carnivore, doesn't it?
  • We played outside every night and Maddie was super-awesome. We went for long bike-rides, she watched me cut the lawn, and never cried about coming back in. It's like she was on her best behaviour for me.
  • I read a book until about 1am in bed. I sat in bed with my laptop reading blogs + catching up on emails until late one evening. I never get to sit in bed at night doing that stuff.
  • My sleeping position quickly became the "starfish". Sleep was delicious with no snoring next to me.
  • Speaking of sleep, Maddie slept in until 8:15 one morning. And it happened to be a morning when I hadn't set my alarm (with a toddler that wakes between 6:30 and 7am, who needs an alarm?)... so I got a great sleep in too.
  • Overall, Maddie was totally awesome. I think she cut me some slack, which was much appreciated. And I only had to let her watch Elmo/Dora/Sesame about 5 trillion times.
And the lowlights?
  • I yelled once - on the first day. She cried and I immediately apologized. I think that was the first time that I ever crouched down in front of her and apologized for being angry. She forgave me and gave me a big kiss. Then reminded me for the next hour "Mommy sorry!".
  • I accidentally set off our house alarm 2 out of 5 mornings. I like to set the alarm when I'm alone in the house at night, it makes me feel safer. However I think I scared about 5 years off my cats' lives.
  • Watching crappy summer tv alone is just no fun. There's no one there to listen to my outrageously witty remarks.
Overall - as lonely as it got - it was a bonding week for Miss M and I. And it also reminded me what it's like to miss the Hubs...


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