Monday, August 3, 2009

I should be sleeping right now

But I'm not, because I have the bed to myself and therefore am currently ensconced with my laptop reading through a week's worth of unread rss feeds.

I should be sleeping though, as I expect this week is going to threaten my sanity slightly. I'm playing single mom, while the hubs is in NJ for business. All week long. On a long weekend. No, I'm not bitter.

Trust me, I know it will be nice having some girly-girl time with Miss M tomorrow. I think a bike-ride, some pool time and a bit of shopping is on the agenda. We've spent the better part of the weekend outside already, with the in laws, playing in the yard and erecting a lovely shed. Damn, the excitement of suburbia...

My other goal for tomorrow is some photo organization and printing. Because, as I think I've said before, I'm absolute shite at keeping on top of my photo printing... and aside from the never ending guilt of my terrible prowess as a mother (and keeping a digital record of my kidlet's every accomplishment), I actually took a closer look at my house recently and thought, huh, perhaps I should, you know... decorate. We've lived here for 2 years and I have exactly 2 pictures on display. Maddie's hospital pic and our wedding pic. So I've made the resolution to suck a little less, and get some photos in some frames and thrown up on the walls.

In future posts about me sucking less as a homemaker... expect to see: wallpapering of a washroom, refinishing of cupboards, and installation of some wainscoting.


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Vone said...

I finally put real photos in the frames the girls have gotten as gifts. They have been on display in their rooms with the photo the frames come in since we moved in. Funny how long some things take.