Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hi Guilt!

Daycare dropoff. I already feel guilty every time I have to do it. Even though I love my job and do enjoy working - I know that both me and Maddie would much rather spend the days together than apart.

The kick and scream days while getting manhandled into her coat + shoes are bad enough, but today topped that.

There was no kicking. There was no screaming. She just quietly got into her duds without complaint. On the drive over she was quiet. Not unusually quiet - she's not much of a chatterbox in the car anyways (yes I realize how lucky I am).

But when I was unbuckling her out of her carseat. That's when she got me. Gripping my arm like a freakishly strong little monkey, she looked up to me with big sad eyes and said, "Maddie no daycare. Maddie with Mommy today."

And that my peeps? Is where Guilt tapped me on the shoulder and said, Hi!


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Joanna and Marcus said...

remember the days when we never felt guilty! It's ok, she forgot about you five min in. xo