Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm gonna try positivity

So the stove repair guy has called. He promises to be here before lunch time. Which is noon, right? Or in there-and-abouts?

I feel it this time. It's going to work. He will fix my stove. Let's say it again, shall we?

He. Will. Fix. My. Stove.

Yes, that's better. I feel much more zen now. And happy. In anticipation of a positive outcome. Because if you put the happy thoughts out there all those karma-zealots say you'll get it back, right? HAPPY. THOUGHTS. (was that too aggro?)

If we indeed do have a working stove I am so overwhelmed with ideas for dinner that I'm not sure I can stick to just one. A roast perhaps? Maybe my famously-loved lemon chicken? What about a cake for dessert?

The weekend promises to be good. One birthday surprise thingy on Sat night and the rest of the weekend for pure family relaxation.

Which actually means I already have a list of all the errands I'm going to be dragging the Hubs and Miss M along to all Saturday and Sunday.

Santa pictures are at the top of the list. As we need those for the Christmas cards. And perhaps some joyful Christmas prezzie shopping.

Happy. Thoughts.


PS - have you seen this? We did one for Maddie last year, but I don't think she got it. Since she's starting to "get" the idea of Santa (although last night she told me "Maddie no like Ho Ho") I'm hoping this helps get her a bit more excited.

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Joanna and Marcus said...

I fear you are going crazy