Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember those days?

Last night I had dinner, out at a non-kid-friendly restaurant, with the Hubs. Ate $30 entrees. Enjoyed kid-free, tv-free, dinner conversation.

Remember those days? When you could luxuriate over dinner, taking hours to meander your way through appetizers, entrees and coffee/dessert?

We really talked, for the first time in a long time. Mostly gossiping about friends, chatting about work, about the future, about how we planned to spend our holidays. And it's not that Maddie didn't come up - don't get me wrong. We miss her, talked about missing her, how we were looking forward to seeing her on Christmas Eve.

But that was it. To sound like a complete horrible mother... she didn't monopolize the conversation. Instead we just chatted and laughed and poked fun and shared jokes and commiserated about work and, and, and...

It was pretty awesome.



Mary Lynn said...

Sounds wonderful, and not the least bit horrible mother-ish. I love a chance to have dinner out with my hubby, and I appreciate the meal and the conversation more than I used to when such evenings out were commonplace.

Have a great Christmas!

Jen O. said...


Joanna and Marcus said...

i almost divorced on xmas eve.
giddy up.
You are a GREAT mother.