Thursday, December 24, 2009

She comes home today!

As stress-free, productive and well, productive!!! these past 5 days have been, I am very happy to report that our little munchkin is coming home today. I've been specifically avoiding all mention of weather forecasts and reports all week, as I don't know if I could handle her getting snowed in over Christmas.  Needless to say - my avoidance theory has worked, and if all goes well, they will be on the road shortly after lunch (strategically-timed drives during nap time is the only way to drive!).

Happy Ho Ho to you and yours. We will be hosting our annual Christmas Eve buffet of gluttony tonight.  I am attempting something that is supposedly *simple* with phillo pastry and brie. I may bake cookies, but I'm no pastry chef.

Luckily, our bar is stocked well enough that I anticipate no one will really notice, much less taste the food. Except me of course... at least I was smart enough to pick myself up a bottle of sparkling grape juice... le sigh.

Holidays without alcohol? I'm pretty sure the Hubs is going to pay for this at some point...


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