Wednesday, February 10, 2010

21 weeks

What's new this time 'round?
  • More "junk food" cravings. Like I can't get enough of any pectin-based snack food. Gummy bears? Count me in. Wine gums? Yes to the please. Sour kids? Ohmagooooood....drool.
  • Less healthy food cravings. Like brocolli? Yeah - you and your cruciferous friends can suck it...
  • Crampy aches in the lower, er, pelvis region. My midwife says this is totally normal for 2nd-time-round-ers. Like feeling that the baby may just fall out if you walk any further in the grocery store? Totally normal apparently.
  • I miss caffeine. More particularly, coffee. Like miss it with an ache that should only be reserved for lovahs. I do imbibe on a cup of regular tea each day - and that is yum. But man - I want me some coffee. Dark, thick, muddy, dirty, naughty espresso. (And no - decaf isn't the same - thanks for the suggestion.)
And the same?
  • I'm massive. Just like last time. And my sense of humour hasn't gotten any better over those, "OMG - you're only HOW far along?" or, "Hahaha - are you sure you aren't carrying twins?" and then there's always the, "Wow - so how big do you think you're going to get?" or the classic, "raised eyebrow of shock" when I tell them how far along I am.  For the record: pregnancy is not an excuse for you to tell me how fat you think I am. Just so's you know.
  • Unending appetite for food. (And yes, I get the irony of posting this directly after a "how shockingly massive I am" point.) However, I'm hungry. All. The. Time. And another for the record? Vegetables don't fill you up. No matter how many you eat. I've eaten a whole cucumber (a WHOLE cucumber) and pint of grape tomatoes in one "snack session" and had to top myself up with something, er, more substantial (like a bowl of chips) just to feel full. That's right. I said it.
  • My lack of gorgeous shiny hair, beautiful long nails, glowing skin. Yeah - this apparently isn't a "side effect" that I get to experience with any pregnancy. Instead I have chippy peeling nails, gross frizzy hair and dull dry skin. Go me!
What I totally forgot about?
  • How incredibly awesome it is to feel the little sprog move about in there. Like swirly whirly, popcorn popping, soft little movement gorgessity. Love that bit. Even when he/she is tap-dancing on my bladder.

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