Wednesday, April 28, 2010

32 weeks

I had a conversation with someone a few weekends ago, who asked, "how much bigger do you think you could possibly get?" (note to people - don't say these kinds of things to pregnant women - I don't care if you're family or close BFFs, or it's just a "joke" - because having to actually respond to these stupid remarks makes a person feel defensive - and that's just shitty - trust.)... but anyways, I was "nicely" trying to explain to him that indeed I could get much larger - and that I didn't think I was all that much larger than I was first time around, when I still had 2 months to go.

Because - remember those last few weeks? Where your skin feels so tight it's like it's going to split at the slightest bit of pressure? Barely being able to fit behind the steering wheel in your car? And needing to nap every 2 hours or so of being awake because you're barely sleeping at night?

In comparison? Right now? I feel effing fantastic. Nimble as a ballerina. So that's the nice thing about the 2nd time around - you KNOW how lumbering and swollen and uncomfortable that you're gonna get - that in fact the lead up is much easier because you enjoy the freedom that you still have.

That being said, I posted on Facebook last week that I was so excited the weather was warming up, simply to remove the necessity of me having to grunt and groan trying to put socks on. Because socks? Are not a preggo's best friend.  Cheezies, on the other hand....

Other things that have changed? The movements - less kicky kick kick and more the rolling, elbowing, alien-baby-inside-me-feeling. My appetite - gone way done. Assuming this is probably due to my stomach being jammed up into my  throat right now. I mean - I'm still eating. Just not contemplating the complete and utter destruction I will be making on a bag of sour kid candies in the car on the drive home at night. In other words, the days of eating with the abandon of a wild hog is over. At least for now... And swelling - it's started a bit - just in the calves + ankles, at the end of the day. Again, thank god for flip flops.

8 weeks to go. Nursery prep is happening this weekend for sure, as I am free of Hubs and Miss M - which means I can actually get things done. I will be enjoying my vacation.... thoroughly.


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