Monday, April 19, 2010


There were no posts all of last week because of work stuff, life stuff, the busy schedule that spring seems to bring everyone. But it all culminated in a fantastically productive meeting with the bossman on Friday and means several projects that have been slightly languishing in nowhere land have been given the green light and I have a busy busy plate for my last 2 months.

And last 2 months it is - we're on final countdown. I gave my "official" notice and June 11th is my last day of work. Which means I get a week and half to myself before my due date of June 23rd. The response from everyone when I tell them this is, "Wow, you're working right up to the end, huh?" The response from Hubs? "Giving yourself a nice little cushion, huh?"


April is the "Month of Birthdays" amid our group of friends' children. We hit up our 2nd kid's birthday party this past weekend and have one more birthday party to attend next weekend. This was a pirate-themed party and watching Maddie play a piratized version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey was possibly the most adorable moment of our weekend. PS - you know what freaks my 2.5 year old out? Putting a blindfold on her amidst a group of excited kids.

But you know what's not fun? 6 screechy kids all hopped up on sugar*. When I can't drink the noise away. Damn you co-parents that had beers in your hand this weekend. Damn you...


We still haven't painted the nursery. I did make the attempt to really get it done this weekend - but got sidetracked while cleaning out the room (the closet had been relegated as part-clothing storage, part-craft storage, part-spare-linen storage and part-wrapping-paraphernalia storage). So while I started taking all of this stuff down to the basement, I realized the basement MUST BE CLEANED. NOW. IMMEDIATELY.

I'm not going to be a tattletale, but this may have caused some dissension amongst the ranks. For those firmly on the side of "Sunday is the day of rest". Okay, I will name names. The Hubs. He thought I was bonkers. I got angry. There may have been some shouting. That's all I'm gonna say...

Sidebar: I think with every positive pregnancy test, the doctor should be required to take the husband into a room where he is forced to watch a couple of educational videos called, "The Importance of Hormones" and, "The Nesting Instinct". Perhaps this could be combined into one video called, "Survival Guide: The Irrationality That Will Consume Your Life For The Next 9 Months - And How To Learn To Say Yes, Dear".  

Yes, with the clarity of a Monday morning, I see that perhaps I was being a little unreasonable in my demands that the ENTIRE BASEMENT MUST BE ORGANIZED. NOW. ASAP. SHOULD'VE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF MONTHS AGO. WTF?!?!?!? The urge to nest has hit me much harder this time around. At least I think it has. Perhaps all the packing and preparations to move into the house helped to funnel some of those urges last time. Who knows. But this time? Oh yeah. It's full-on crazy. Like, get the urge to clean the bathroom at 5am when I wake up for the gazillionth time to pee, kind of crazy. Poor Hubs.


I'll leave you with a little Maddie-ism that she pulled on us this morning. (Prefacing it to say, I see the devil coming out in her more and more. Manipulating. Guilt-tripping. Stubborn as a mule. It makes an a-type female such as myself so very proud...) Doing the breakfast thing, she was offered another yogurt, various types of fruit, cheerios and juice. To which everything she responded, "No. Maddie no want." And clearly realizing what a little pain in the ass she was being, she looked up at the Hubs with a gleam in her eye, "Maddie say no to EV-WE-TING!"


*To my nearest and dearest - I love your children, I really do. And I enjoy the excuse to come and hang out with you for a few hours at a party. And I like the gift-giving and the cake-eating. But I really think we all need bigger houses. Or finished basements. Or soundproof rooms - if these parties are going to continue. ;-)

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Jenn B said...

Okay - that "Maddie-ism" was possibly the best way to start a Monday morning at work! Thanks for the LOL!

July must be a busy month for people because we have a TON of April birthdays...but it was a great month to be born ;)