Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reason #54 why he's such a good daddy

Maddie has been up coughing the past few nights. She doesn't complain about it and she's been fine during the day, but the coughing is heartbreaking to listen to. It's that barking, dry, painful cough - you know the one. I know it too well, as I have it right now too. Going on 2 weeks of being sick and we're all getting a little tired of it I think.  This is one nasty virus/cold/mutant-bug-of-something-or-other.

She's been a trooper (as always), but it's starting to wear her down a bit.  I think we were both awake from 5am onward from all the coughing from both our bedrooms, so not only was she coughing her little heart out this morning, but she was tired and CRANKY.

Here's where the Hubs earned his right to watch as much playoff hockey as he wants to tonight.... 

(At the breakfast table, after a particularly loud meltdown over a benign offer of a banana for breakfast)

Hubs: I don't think she should go to daycare today.
Me: Well, I have meetings downtown, so unfortunately, she's going.
Hubs: No - I meant, I'm going to stay home with her. Hopefully a quiet day inside and a long nap will help her get over this.
Me: You're going to work from home? Are you sure?
Hubs: Yeah, I'll try to get some work done, but I'm only worried about taking care of her.

I left them snuggling on the couch, watching Dora, while she ate a popsicle and was already in a better mood knowing she was having a "Maddie/Daddy Day".



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