Monday, June 21, 2010

A day late and a present short...

So, Father's Day was yesterday.

Let me tell you, I had big plans of writing a sappy post about how awesome of a father the Hubs is. And I had big plans of making a card with Maddie and being all crafty.  And I had big plans of surprising him with a new golf bag + box of balls and a blessing to take off for 9 holes. And I had big plans of actually getting some Father's Day cards out in the mail on time to the Grandpas in our life.

And I failed... Because even being off for the entire week wasn't apparently enough for me to get my ass in gear and prepare for any of the above "plans".

Instead the Hubs got some last-minute purchased cards, a promise of a golf bag in the near future, and a 2 lie-ins this weekend. Oh, and Grandpas? Your cards should arrive today... Promise.

But just for the record? He is a pretty awesome Daddy...


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