Friday, July 16, 2010

American Idol she ain't

Maddie has added a new skill set to our everyday routine. Singing along with everything.

That includes Dora (but only the mermaid rescue episode thankyouverymuch).

That includes various singing toys/dolls/etc.

And that includes just random songs SHOUTED into the microphone that accompanies her little Sir Mix-a-Lot keyboard toy she loves to play with.

It wasn't until just this week that I noticed just how much I sing to her. Silly made up songs. Normal songs but with words replaced so as to make them all about whatever it is we're doing. Or just actual songs - nursery rhymes, lullabies, the McDonald's theme song.... clearly I have no standards.

And so I take full blame - I've created a singing demon. (And sidebar? It's freaking adorable to watch a toddler try to sing along with a show/doll/radio - she gets about every 5th word right but manages to mumble along with the rest - and really? It's probably not much worse than what I'm still doing in my mid-thirties.)

And while imitation is flattery incarnate, the unfortunate side-effect is (as Hubs loves to point out) she's also imitating my ability to carry a tune. Which is, to say mildly, no ability at all. Result being, he's got two tone-deaf women in house, singing along to anything that moves.

Before you feel sorry for him though...
At least she knows how to dress the part... even if she doesn't have the vocals to back it up...



Joanna and Marcus said...

"clean up clean up everybody clean up" we've watched that epi 1000 times. Hayden sings along too. This picture is FREEKIN CUTE!!!! Such a little girl...

Jenn B said...

Love this pic!!!