Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheer up

I realize yesterday's post was a bit of a downer... and poor Katie - that's no way to be remembered at just 3 weeks old... so here's a few Katie-isms that I want to make sure we don't forget:

  • You sneeze in fours. Four times in a row. Every.single.time. It's adorable and perplexing. What the hell are you sneezing about?
  • I've started calling you the Grumpy Old Troll - partly because of the crazy frowny faces you give us constantly. And partly because of your groaning, grunting, grrrrrrrrowling that you do regularily (particularly while nursing). Must get this on video. Oh - and don't feel bad, we called your sister The Piglet for the first few months of her life because she snorted so much while nursing.
  • You also have the most adorable cry - since the day you were born - when you want to eat you cry "La! La! Laaaaaaa!" It's like a little lamb cry (yes, I know lambs go "baa" - but really, same thing but with an "L" - even the warbly little lamb voice. Again, must get this one video..
  • You will.not.sleep in a horizontal position. I've tried. Numerous times. So for now, it will be bouncy chair, swing etc. (Oh, I should clarify - you'll sleep totally happily on your back, as long as you're laying next to someone. Namely - me. So it's either swing, or we get used to snuggling in the daybed.)
  • Oh and you love our new sling. You'll sleep like a drunken sailor there. I don't even have to be moving - you sat in the sling while I ate my dinner last night. A hot dinner! Can you even imagine the luxury?
  • No official smiles as of yet - I'm sure you're saving those up for a Grandma or random stranger instead of bestowing unto me - but you smile like crazy in your sleep. 
  • The blue eyes are currently winning the fight over eye colour. Your sister may have gotten her Daddy''s big brown eyes, but I'm cheering you on for (potentially) inheriting the blue from me instead! Goooo blue!
So - to summarize. Grumpy Old Troll when awake. Deliriously happy baby when asleep. As long as that asleep position is in very close (touching) proximity to me.

Yep - that's 3 weeks.


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