Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm in the midst of party-planning for Maddie's Princess birthday party (theme! love it!)... spent over $100 on party favours / decorations / loot bags... um - and it's all honestly shit. Shit that kids will like, but that I kind of roll my eyes at and think - crappa. Plastic "magic" wands, necklaces, gaudy rings, ridonkulously pricey Disney stickers etc etc etc. I've heard this only gets worse as they get older. As in, more $$, more over-the-top silliness, more Disney-filtration... yikes is all I have to say.


Halloween is also coming up and I'm going to admit something about myself right now - I'm. Not. A. Fan. I don't like dressing up. It's stressful - I'm not creative (yep - the least creative marketing girl you'd ever meet), I always leave the brainstorming to the last minute and then go to the shop looking for something that I can use to dress up. I think the last time I actually attempted a serious costume was Cruella DeVille.. I was 24. Maddie keeps asking me what I'm going to dress up as this year (she has changed her mind from Princess to Fairy Godmother to Tinkerbell and back to Princess again) and as of yet I've been unsuccessful in convincing her that Mommies don't dress up. Hmmm - I think I have a few white sheets that could be made into ghost costumes. Boo!


My project du jour is trying to update and organize all of our photos. As in - dating back to August 2008 to present. Seriously (and I know I've asked this before), but do y'all do photo albums still? I like to think if I can get us up to date now, I will just set a reminder in my calendar to print my photos on a monthly basis and then Everything. Will. Be. Perfect! Honestly? I have no idea how you scrapbook people do it - that is some serious commitment. I'll let you know how my photo project goes... after I get the album pictures squared away (and additional albums purchased) I also need to fill about 20 frames that are currently up on my walls and mantle - just waiting to be filled. (I may have a bit of a habit of buying picture frames - and then let them sit with the picture they come with in it for months on end. Friends constantly ask me who all these random people are on my mantle).


Last but not least... I think I have adult ADHD. In a not-kidding, no-seriously, where-did-my-ability-to-concentrate go? I see other women, other moms, out there - managing households, feeding, cleaning, getting their hair done and looking all respectable. Me? I live in a shambles of chaos and grungy floors with unwashed hair and am constantly doing the 5pm meltdown of "what the hell are we going to eat". I think I've used up the "I have a newborn" excuse now, because, well, Katie is over 3 months old. I have all these aspirations to plan meals and clean on a daily schedule... and yeah - it never stays on course. THIS? This is totes me...


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