Friday, November 26, 2010

Never underestimate how much they listen to you...

Maddie: These carrots are mushy! I don't like these carrots!

Me: The carrots aren't mushy, they're fine. You like carrots - eat them up.

Maddie: NOOOOOOOO! They. Are. Mushy! I don't LIKE these carrots!

Me: Maddie! The carrots are FINE. Now stop it and eat some potatoes instead.

Grown up chat for a few minutes, whilst pointedly ignoring the whining and moaning of the 3 year old at the table because that's the only way she'll actually eat/try any of her food - arguing with this kid just doesn't work.

Maddie: Mumma.....

Me: What's up honey?

Maddie: I want more FINE carrots. Please have some more FINE carrots?

Me: ???? [then realizing a few minutes later she's responding to my "your carrots are fine" comments]: Oh right - yep... *scoops more carrots onto her plate* Here's some more FINE carrots. Mmmmm. Yummy. "Fine" carrots!

Maddie: MMMMmmmmmm! Yummy! I like FINE carrots Mumma!

Me: Yes boo, I know you do...


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