Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a milestone day!

Playing around with Katie on her playmat today she decided to show me just how big she's getting as she nears her 6 month birthday... pushing up on her arms, hanging out on her belly without any of that screaming we had all gotten so used to. Looking at me - smiling, giggling, laughing - without making me work for it too hard.

And just as I'm about to get up and grab a glass of water she cranks her head to the left and over she goes. Rolling! Like it ain't no thang...

I'm pretty sure I spent a month trying to "show" Maddie how to roll. Tucking her little arm up and over and nudging her in the belly to get the idea.

Second child around I'm watching her learn this new skill all on her own.

(And no, it's not a classic case of second child neglect. More like, let's not encourage this independent movement - a baby that stays where she's put is quite handy.)

Katie had other ideas of course. Not surprising as she's been rocking/moving/kicking since the day she was born. It had to happen sometime...

Goooooo Katie!


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