Saturday, July 15, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Valliers' blog - just a little way to keep all our friends and family up to date and informed on our life!

We've had a super busy summer so far and there's absolutely no way that we're going to post about the past 2 months in great detail - but we can do a quick recap...

May 2006 - we did a 4 day trip over to San Francisco to visit with some friends there - we had a blast and highly recommend it - one of the most beautiful cities that we've ever visited - especially for the ol' US of A. Here's a few pics of the trip ...

Just arrived - Louise took us for a quick trip around the city and across the bridge - here's Seth in the backseat of her convertible with the Golden Gate bridge in the background - pretty groovy shot.

And here's a pretty cool pic of Lombard Street - the twistiest road in the world - we had actually just driven down it before this picture was taken - I'm not sure how anyone actually lives on this street - not only a nightmare to park, but also way too much tourist traffic everyday...

And of course, here's a pic of Alcatraz - in the background of this shot of Seth + Louise. If you want to see all of our pics of San Fran - go to - we have all of our pics from various trips + stuff posted there.

Moving right along - Sara had gone to New York a few weekends ago - to see Madonna in concert - and to shop (of course!) - that was tonnes of fun. Finally saw Central Park for the first time - it's gorgeous - why doesn't Toronto have any parks like that??

Then the next weekend we had a blast at Liz & Greg's housewarming party - it may have been a trek to get to Markham - but well worth it - especially for the paper/rock/scissors tournament - ingenious! Unfortunately lots of drinks + girls around make for a dressed up puppy - this is Fez - Liz & Greg's child!

Last but not least - on the Sunday following the housewarming party, we had my step-brother and his family in town for a visit - which of course included a trip to the Bass Pro Shop store!

We just spent the past few days in Picton on a surprise holiday that Seth planned - we have this weekend off as I start my new job next week - so it was good timing - but we'll post about that w/ some pics later on...

Cheers....S & S

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