Sunday, July 16, 2006

Picton Mini-Break

While we wanted to take a week off in August to celebrate our one-year anniversary, unfortunately we had to make due with this past week (July 10th), as Sara is in the midst of switching jobs (so exciting!) and wouldn't be able to take a week off so soon into the new position.

And surprise of all surprises... Seth decided he would plan the vacation - keeping in mind that we already were busy until Tuesday of that week. So a classic road trip to Picton was planned - Sandbanks, golf at Loyalist (golf course where we got married) etc. We woke up super early on Tuesday morning, and through a few wrong turns, finally ended up in the town by 12noon. We ate at a fantastic patio - pub called Coach's, and decided to take advantage of the sun that was peeking through the on-again-off-again clouds - we headed to the beach.

While many of you may wonder why Picton of all places - it was pretty perfect. Way back when, Seth and I used to go to the Sandbanks all the time in the summer to hit the beach - we both love just lying out in the sun and relaxing - and this beach is the best I've ever seen in Canada - so why not here? Plus, the town has gotten much better for shopping and there's all sorts of little bars and patios in the area. Makes for a fun little holiday.

Good thing we got the beach in while we could - it rained solidly the next day. Which of course was supposed to be our golf day! Seth booked the tee-time super early so we would take up the entire day - so we were on the ferry by 6am - you can tell in these pics! It look cloudy, but we had no idea it was going to pour down like it did. We got drenched out on the course by the 7th hole. Luckily we got a raincheck for the full 18 holes - the very next day.

By the time we had gotten back to Picton and changed into dry clothes, it was still only 9:30am - so we grabbed a bite to eat and headed into the town to do some wandering around, shopping, and to see if there was a movie we could see. There was - it was at 2pm and it was Cars - don't see it - if we weren't desperate to find something to do, we would never have gone to see this. But we were successful in some shopping - got some jeans for Seth and some little knicknacks for around the house. Too bad the spa was completely booked up, that would have been a fun way to while away the afternoon. That night we went back to the Waring House - where we'd had dinner the night before - nice little pub, and by the time we got moving at 10pm (on a Wed) it was the only thing open in Picton, aside from McDonalds.

The next day was much nicer for golf (and since with our sunburns from the first day, there was no way we were going to the beach, it wasn't so bad that the only time available was at 11:30am on our final sunny day). And we got to see our wedding venue on a beautiful sunny afternoon - that was nice!

Overall, Picton was a fantastic + relaxing time - couldn't have asked from a better surprise from Seth.

Cheers... S & S

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