Sunday, July 23, 2006

Our weekend in Bancroft

My step-brother had a milestone birthday this Saturday (30 yrs old) and we decided it was a great excuse to get up to Bancroft to visit the family! After a lazy Friday night (a little cleaning, but not much to be honest), we spent Saturday morning cleaning, Seth ordering his Tool tickets online at Ticketmaster and me dropping off the Accent for it's last round of maintenance before the warranty kicks off.

It felt like a fast trip up to Bancroft and there was already party-goers at Derek & Amy's by the time we got there in mid-afternoon. After a few more provisional trips to the liquor store and beer store, we were finally ready to party. It was a fun party - lots of kids splashing around and lots of Derek & Amy's friends (probably close to 30 people there at one point). And I made sure that we caught the different stages of Derek's sobriety that evening - here he is at stage one - doesn't look so bad. But stage 7 is a bit different. Although we all were started to look a little messy around that stage.

We all felt pretty rough the next day - luckily Amy was kind enough to go out and get the hangover cure of the world - McDonalds! We headed out around 1pm and got home shortly after 4pm today. Now we have baseball....we're sooooooo tired.

Cheers ... S & S

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