Tuesday, August 8, 2006

An unassuming weekend

This past long weekend (well, for some of us, not so long, as Monday isn't technically a stat holiday - so Sara worked - booooooo) was a restful one for Seth and I. While we love the busy schedule that summer gives you - all the parties, patios and visiting - it does get tiring. So we were happy to be hibernating at home in Toronto, while Carribana was going on downtown, without any social commitments to speak of.

Friday night was spent sitting on the balcony, listening to music from 1993-95 and reminiscing of the time before pop was so prevalent in the music industry. When it was good ol' guitar grunge that was the most popular sound going on. It was fun though, as funny as it sounds, we don't get to sit around and chat much, so it was a welcome, quiet, Friday night.

Saturday poor Seth had to work, and Sara had a brunch that she almost missed (who sleeps in to 11am anymore - my body must've needed it!) - and then wedding dress shopping with friends afterwards - how fun to relive what was my summer of planning last year. And saw all sorts of lovely dresses for my dearest Lizzie to go try on, if I can only convince her that she has the time! Saturday afternoon was spent doing a little bit of housework, a nap for Seth, and then off to the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean - it was great - really, go see it.

Sunday was an early one - we had a golf date up north of Aurora at 8am. Tiring, but nice to be out before it gets too hot and be done an entire round by the time it's pretty much lunchtime. Too bad the guys we got paired up with were tools - really annoying. A little bit of grocery shopping, a stop at the beer and video stores, and we were homebound again. We rented V for Vendetta and Wolf Creek. First one good, second one incredibly scary/gory/disturbing. At least for me - even Seth got a little freaked out at some of the more gruesome parts.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell - doesn't sound like much, but suited us just fine. And we got to do a big clean so there will only be tidying to do on Thursday night before Sara's mom & stepdad come for a weekend visit this weekend. And if you're wondering, yes, Sara's mom is just as anal for cleanliness as Sara is. Although neither of us reach Debbie's depths! :)

Cheers ... S&S

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