Monday, January 1, 2007

Busy holidays

I know, we've been tardy, allowing another 2 weeks to go by without an update. Well, as you can imagine (and as I'm sure you've also been), we've been busy - running from place to place and working all those non-holiday weekdays in between.

Well, going back to the weekend before xmas, we had a party to attend at a friend's house on Friday night - it was a great chance to see the gang before the holidays. We left early as Seth had to work that Saturday - which gave Sara a chance to do some last minute shopping and we left the city early that afternoon. Traffic was surprisingly not bad at all and we made it to Kingston by early evening.

Sunday morning Sara did some more last minute shopping, and Seth picked her up and we visited Sara's dad + step-mother in the afternoon. After a nice visit there, we then spent the evening at the Vallier's watching It's a Wonderful Life, having (more!) food and hitting the sack pretty early. Xmas morning was spent with the Vallier's opening lots of presents and having a huge breakfast. Then it was over to Sara's mom's house for more present-opening and Christmas dinner with the family.

Tuesday morning Sara went out to check out the boxing day sales and then we did another Xmas dinner at the Vallier's and it was back to Toronto for us. A very busy few days visiting a lot of family, which is always great, but also exhausting - we can't wait for next year and (hopefully!) hosting our own Xmas in our own house!

The week went by pretty quickly, as 3-day weeks usually do. This past weekend was spent visiting and being visited by lots of friends. New Year's was surprisingly calm this year - we must be getting older - haha. Today we spent the day lounging around and mentally getting ready to go back to work for the next couple of weeks until we get to go on our holiday to the Dominican. Can't wait for that!

Next weekend Seth is out of town for a football fantasy pool thing, and Sara is hosting the bachelorette party for her good friend who is getting married in a few weeks - should be a great time!

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