Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Bachelorette Part-ay!

Well this weekend Sara hosted the bachelorette party for her good friend Liz, who is getting married in just a few short weeks in the Dominican. With Seth out of town on another fantasy football boys' weekend (in Kitchener), Sara was able to host 15 girls in the apt. for Liz's bachelorette. Everyone started to arrive around 7:30pm and the martini's flowed right up to 9pm, when 'knock knock knock' - Liz received a special visitor! She was surprised and the rest of us were laughing our asses off, as 'Officer Sebastien' entertained the ladies for the next 1/2 hour. Very few of us had ever seen a male 'entertainer', and quite honestly, probably won't again - they're not that entertaining - a bit gross really - although still highly hilarious and will post pics to share soon.

After the 'entertainment' left, the ladies then hopped into a stretch Lincoln Navigator limo, which drove us down to Crocodile Rock - THE stagette bar in Toronto - it was packed and we had plenty of fun for a few hours there. Next on the list was the Fire Station - not another bar, this was actually a visit to the Adelaide St. firehall, where Liz got all sorts of pics in the fireman gear, with a few friendly firefighters and on the truck - it was fun, but probably not so much for the poor fireman that had to put up with the tipsy ladies. Last on the list was a trip to another club - Blvd Lounge - used to be called My Apartment and was a great stagette stop, but is now apparently catering to the under 22 crowd, so we had one drink and legged it out of there - no reason to feel old on a girl's night out. After a quick stop at the Pita Pit, we headed home - at this point the group had dwindled down to 6 survivors and we were all ready to take off the dancing shoes (sore feet!) for the night - since it was just before 2am (last call), we were able to get into a cab easily and headed up to Sara's apt to sit and chat for another hour before finally calling it a night.

Overall, a great weekend with all the ladies had by Sara. And I'm sure Seth had a wonderful guy's weekend as well - he's not home yet though, so we can't say for sure....


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Vone said...

thanks for the fun night out - it was a blast.