Sunday, January 14, 2007

The last weekend before vacay

Wow - in 7 days time we will be sitting on a beach, catching some rays and enjoying some cocktails - love it! But this post is about looking over the past week, not the week ahead, so let's get to it...

Overall the week was crazy busy for both Seth and Sara with work etc. The weekend was a relaxed one though. A quick spa appointment for Sara while Seth watched Sat afternoon football up in Markham with Greg (yup, playoffs and now it's all football all the time!). Sara then met up with her friend Liz and they did some last minute shopping both for wedding stuff (the necklaces for the bridal party are gorgeous!) and of course, bikini's a la Old Navy prices - love it! We did sushi for dinner up in Markham and Sunday has been spent lazily cleaning up around the house. Not an overly exciting weekend, but well-needed just before this coming work week and the impending trip. Sooooo many things still to do - including, buying some luggage, making a packing list, buying vitamins/sun lotion etc., and getting $ exchanged for US$.

Really can't wait for the trip, especially after the last couple of months of work - we are in dire need for a vacation and I'm hoping it won't fly by as quickly as I expect it will. So you won't be hearing from us next weekend - but we promise a long, newsy post after the vacation with lots of pics.

Love to you all..... S&S

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